From Strategy to Solutions: Collaborative Planning in Miro


Jennifer Clark Customer Education Manager
Jovonee King Customer Education Facilitator
Jason G'Sell Customer Education Sr. Facilitator
June 8th at 8am Pacific Time


Join our Miro product experts as they walk you through how to use Miro for collaborative strategic planning and decision-making.

Whether you’re planning your annual strategy, setting quarterly goals, or planning your next big project, learn how to use Miro for collaborative planning that ensures alignment across your team. 

Join our product experts for an engaging, instructional webinar. See how a single board can be used for strategic planning across live calls with your stakeholders, and continuous work for distributed teams.

In this free training, you'll learn how to:

  • Select, use and customize templates for collaborative strategic planning, project planning, and prioritization
  • Leverage Miro as a one-stop tool to support their entire Planning workflow - from high-level strategic brainstorming, to research analysis, to decision making and project planning
  • Use Miro as a living document, showing work in progress while making complex decisions with multiple stakeholders

We offer real-time captions through Zoom for our live training events. Anyone who registers will also receive an email about 24 hours after the event with a captioned recording and our presentation board.

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