Map, Diagram, Present in Miro


Jennifer Clark Customer Education Manager
Jason G'Sell Customer Education Sr. Facilitator
Jovonee King Customer Education Facilitator
June 1st at 8am Pacific Time

Mapping and Diagramming can be pretty broad - sometimes it's more technical, sometimes it's used to sketch an idea.

In this session, we'll focus your attention on the most critical features and skills in Miro to empower you. We'll cover new Smart Diagramming features to customize your shape library and make creation more seamless.

Join our Miro product experts as they guide you through the story of a business analyst, Maria. We'll learn alongside her and observe some of the helpful features and skills she used to make her part of the project a success.

In this free training, you'll learn how to:

  •  Use Miro's Smart Diagramming tools and  customize them for your use case
  • Leverage Miro as a one-stop tool to support your entire mapping and diagramming workflow - from ideation to delivery
  • Use features that control how stakeholders interact with your map or diagram in Miro

We're excited to see you there!


We offer real-time captions through Zoom for our live training events. Anyone who registers will also receive an email about 24 hours after the event with a captioned recording and our presentation board.

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