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Improve the future of teamwork for 3 million global users, including teams from
1. Planning Poker
by Pavel Shchegolev
and Anna Tomova
2. Estimate Plugin
by Pavol Tanuška
3. Chart Import
by Michał Kasza
Top 10 apps
$200 Amazon gift cards
Voice Memos
by Marek Mikhaltsevich, Dmytro Levytskyi
Command Palette
by George Fortunatov
by Semyon Volkov, Roman Krasilnikov
Software Architect Plugin
by Vitaliy Abramov
by Denis Golosov
Color Palette
by Danil Salakheev
С4 Model
by Yaroslav Klochihin
Instagram Import
by Andrey Pechenezhskiy
Adobe AI
by Vyacheslav Lumelski
C4 Miro
by Tamara Vedenina
Andrey Khusid, CEO & Co-founder;
Ivan Demshin, CTO;
Ruslan Fomichev, Principal Product Manager;
Sergey Kungurov, Senior Development Manager;
Boris Borodyanskiy, Platform Product Manager;
Oleg Plotnikov, Platform Team Lead.
Can be comprised of 1‐4 people.
Your entry can be a plugin, extension, or any app based on the Miro API and web plugins.
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  • Sign up for a free Miro account to get access to the platform: miro.com. Please sign up with the same email you registered for the contest with.
  • Learn more about the Miro platform: developers.miro.com
  • Check your email for the next steps.
Submit an app

Submit your app before the end of December 1 by providing a link to the public repository on GitHub, as well as an application installation link and recorded screencast that demonstrates app in action (example).

All materials must be in English.

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Miro Platform

Read the short intro on what possibilities Miro Developer Platform opens to developers.

Explore the main Platform webpage with video examples of the plugins.

About Miro
Strong tech company with a growth culture and great opportunities.

Our product is a visual collaboration platform for people with different talents to come together, understand each other better, and create amazing products faster.
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Tech stack:
  • Java 11, Spring (+Spring Boot),
    Hazelcast, Redis, PostgreSQL.
  • TypeScript, Less, React Native,
    Webpack, Canvas API, AngularJS,
    React, CerebralJS.
  • AWS (S3, EC2), Docker, Linux.
Highload service:
60,000+ daily active users, 150,000+ weekly active users, 150+ active servers.
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