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About the event

We are excited to share a new addition to our “Building Connected Teams” event series designed to help large teams collaborate and innovate at scale, staying connected no matter what the future of work brings.

On March 24, we focused on exploring how to engage distributed teams in each stage of the product development lifecycle. Product, UX, and engineering leaders from  AsanaSpotify, and PTC shared how they break through silos and empower truly inclusive and cross-functional research, discovery and alignment across their organizations.

Following the panel discussion we hosted a workshop with Kenbra Deere, H&R Block's Senior Experience Strategist, who led participants through an interactive session covering topics such as facilitation, process definition, and framework creation that inspire product teams to meet collective goals.

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    - Ensure different teams and functions are aligned around a shared vision
    - Empower your teams to be autonomous and focus on high-impact work
    - Partner with IT to find and scale the best tools for your needs

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Meet the speakers

Frame 1343 (2)
Paige Costello
Product Leader, Core Product Asana
Frame 1346 (2)
Matthew Horan
Staff Engineer Spotify
Frame 1344 (2)
Head of Product Design PTC
Frame 1341 (3)
Kenbra Deere
Senior Experience Strategist H&R Block
Bree Walter
Senior Experience Designer H&R Block

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