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Engaged Teams
for a Better 2021

About the event

Thanks to the rapid rise of remote work in 2020, employees now face the new challenges of staying engaged, Zoom fatigue, and a constant blend of work and life. That presents leadership with a huge new challenge of their own:

How do you keep remote workers feeling connected to their colleagues, brands, and purpose?

Hear experts from GE Healthcare, Amplitude, and Cisco share their strategies for building engagement amongst their teams. Follow along to an interactive workshop led by VMware and Limelights to explore ways to create a sense of connection amongst remote and distributed workers in Miro. Finally, Check out the networking to learn how Miro's Head of Customer Success, US engages teams through ice breakers.

Learn how to:

    - Track and improve team engagement
    - Make your remote work environment inclusive
    - Help people keep innovating and stay connected
    - Facilitate better remote meetings and workshops
    - Incorporate ice breakers to foster team bonding

This is part of Miro’s new Building Connected Teams, an event series that will help enterprise teams collaborate and innovate at scale, staying connected no matter what the future of work brings. You’ll be able to learn from industry experts, become a better manager and facilitator with our exclusive workshops, and build meaningful connections with your peers from the Miro Community.
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Meet the speakers

David O'Malley
Sr. Dir. of Product Strategy GE Healthcare
Roxanne Mustafa
Design Lead VMware Tanzu
Doan Thai
Senior Manager Journey, Development for CX Cisco
John Cutler
Head of Product Research & Education Amplitude
Joost de Leij
Facilitator of Change, Sustainability Strategist, Founder Limelights

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