4 solutions to improve collaboration for enterprise teams


Iris Latour Customer Success Manager at Miro
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The reality of working in enterprise organizations today is that many of your coworkers aren't collocated. This leads to a lot of complexity when it comes to collaboration. You may feel disconnected from important conversations or lost because there is no central source of truth. We get it. 

In this webinar, Iris Latour, Customer Success Manager at Miro, will share practical tips towards streamlining your work at scale from ideation to development and everything in between. 

We'll share how Miro can: 

  • Improve distributed collaboration with things like pulse rooms and pre-built templates to standardize methodologies 
  • Integrate into existing workflows with tools like Zapier, Jira and Invision
  • Effectively be used as a single source of truth for enterprise teams 

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